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50 Cent Show Turns Sour in Seat Scuffle at Spark Arena

Written by on December 27 2023

In a recent incident at Auckland’s Spark Arena, a couple from Palmerston North, Louise Holdon and Gavin Poingdestre, are demanding a refund and an apology following a distressing experience at a 50 Cent concert. The event, which took place on December 14, was supposed to be the highlight of their weekend, costing them nearly $1,200 in travel, accommodation, and tickets.

The trouble began when they found their seats occupied by two men who refused to leave. Despite seeking help from a female security guard who initially resolved the issue, a male security guard later intervened, leading to the couple being unfairly ejected from the venue. The two men, initially removed, returned and stayed for the concert.

The situation escalated when Poingdestre was accused of inappropriate conduct, a claim he denied. Their attempts to seek clarification from the first security guard or to speak with a manager were denied. Ultimately, Poingdestre was threatened with a trespass notice, and the couple chose to leave the concert, later filing a police report for seat theft.

Holdon expressed frustration over being forced to leave without evidence of wrongdoing, while the two men enjoyed the concert in their seats. She questioned the security measures at Spark Arena, especially given the numerous witnesses to the initial incident.

Spark Arena’s general manager, Mark Gosling, acknowledged the complaint, stating an investigation was underway involving security personnel. He emphasized the seriousness with which they were treating the incident. However, the contracted security group, Platform 4, declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation.

Spark Arena’s conditions of entry highlight that entry is permitted with a valid ticket for the specified seat. It also states that antisocial behavior, including abuse of staff or customers, is not tolerated, and management reserves the right to refuse entry or eject those breaching these conditions without a refund.