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Swifties Sweat it Out on Treadmill Challenge

Written by on December 27 2023

It seems like Taylor Swift’s hardcore concert prep routine, revealed in a recent Time Magazine interview, has sparked a hilarious fitness trend among her fans. The pop star’s intense workout involves singing her whopping 40-plus song set while running and walking on a treadmill, a regimen that spans over three hours.

Kendal Owen, a 25-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida, couldn’t resist giving it a try. She hit her local gym, transforming the treadmill into her personal stage. “The gym was my own version of Madison Square Garden,” she said, undeterred by the bemused looks from an older man on the next treadmill. As she ran through about 6½km, Owen belted out Swift’s hits, even throwing in some of the star’s signature dance moves, especially from the Reputation album.

Since Swift shared her workout secret, social media has been abuzz with fans, affectionately known as Swifties, attempting to replicate the feat. Videos of their treadmill sing-alongs have gone viral, racking up millions of views and shares.

I decided to put my own running skills to the test against Swift’s regimen. As a seasoned runner with a recent Chicago Marathon finish under my belt, I was still left gasping after just the first song. I managed to stick it out for 20 minutes before admitting defeat, realizing completing the full workout was a bridge too far for me. But, like many others, I got swept up in the exhilarating rush of a Swift-powered workout, singing my heart out in my office gym.

The unofficial “Swift’s Rules” are simple: run for the uptempo tracks, jog or walk for the ballads. Swift herself said, “Every day I would run on the treadmill, singing the entire set list out loud.”

The challenge has seen varied success among fans. Some could barely make it past 1km, others split it into two sessions, but many, like Owen, found an extra spring in their step thanks to the motivation from fellow Swifties’ social media posts. This unique workout blend of cardio and karaoke has turned exercise into a fun, communal experience for many.

Marisa Vaillant, a self-proclaimed Swiftie who attended Swift’s Tampa concert, shared, “I understood on another level how hard of a worker Taylor is from doing it.” The workout not only served as a physical challenge but also brought fans closer to the artist, fostering a deeper connection within the Swiftie community.